Planning a Career or Company Pivot? Here's Your CliffsNotes.

Posted by Kristin Luck on 10/9/18 8:30 AM
Kristin Luck
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CliffNotes for your career or company pivot.

Somewhere along the way, you may have become convinced that stasis is safer than movement. Consistency feels comfortable; volatility is frightening. But, in this ever-changing world, we are constantly forced to reinvent ourselves and, in some cases, our businesses. And this reinvention process by very nature requires an entrepreneurial mindset. Constant reinvention requires the ability to drive a long-term vision, create opportunities for growth and foster new ecosystems. But how to actually DO it?

My own career progression from analyst to research entrepreneur, to SaaS entrepreneur and now, growth strategist and advisor followed a pretty typical reinvention framework of Vision, Value Definition, Market Test, Brand It, Land It. It begins with how to think about and focus in on your vision for what you’re building and takes you through the critical phases of clarifying and marketing the value you create; while focusing on work that is meaningful and meets your financial and lifestyle goals. Recently I was able to share my perspectives on pivoting with Aliza Licht of Forbes.

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Constant reinvention requires the ability to drive a long-term vision,
create opportunities for growth and foster new ecosystems.

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Whether you’re in growth mode, considering a pivot or an exit or are on the verge of an entire life and career reboot, this great read from Aliza Licht shares field-tested strategies from four women (myself included!) who have mastered the art of the pivot.

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