Supported Growth: Introducing ScaleHouse Masterminds

Posted by Jackie Rousseau-Anderson on 6/19/19 8:30 AM
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6/25 - Supported Growth: Introducing ScaleHouse Masterminds

Summer is the perfect time to step back and focus on your business instead of being mired in your business, ensuring you're ready to hit the fall ramp up in full-force. To help you succeed, we’re launching our series of Masterminds aimed at supporting key business areas including sales and marketing, product development and leadership and culture.

If you haven’t heard of, or participated in, a Mastermind before, they‘re carefully curated and moderated groups designed to help you navigate through business challenges using the collective intelligence of others. Our strategy series supports industry transformers and leaders, focused on company, team and personal growth. Just one idea from the group can help unlock new opportunities and leave you with a clear path to growth.

What Does a ScaleHouse Mastermind Deliver?

  • A carefully crafted experience to ensure you’re truly in a peer group setting with business leaders who are focused on growth, mutual guidance and support
  • Expert facilitation, coaching and accountability to drive achievable goal setting and high-return results
  • Access to (typically) inaccessible people, talent and resources, including funding connections
  • Structured format and confidentiality

How Does it Work?

Masterminds run from 3-6 months depending on the topic and consist of two, two-hour meetings a month + one optional 30-minute one-to-one coaching session with me. Masterminds are intentionally small, no more than six to eight carefully selected people in non-competitive businesses. We meet in Zoom via video chat and you’ll have access to a dedicated Slack channel for group collaboration and questions in between meetings.

Why Join a Mastermind?

Are you ready to drive change in one or more areas of your business? Could you use the help of an advisor and a sounding board of fellow leaders? Would you rather not spend your summer spiraling down a rabbit hole of webinars, “how to” guides and mediocre business books hoping to mirror others’ successes?

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A ScaleHouse Mastermind cuts through the clutter and gives you the tribe and resources
needed to guide you through any growth phase or business challenge.

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Past participants have shared that joining a Mastermind provided the motivation and accountability they needed to focus on their business, giving them the guidance needed to reach new levels of success.

Interested in learning more or ready to apply? Reach out to me at or complete the information form on our site.

Group Application Deadlines:

  • Building Teams and Culture (4-month session): July 15
  • Maximizing Sales and Marketing (6-month session): July 26
  • Optimizing Product Portfolios and GTM Strategies (6-month session): July 31

Topics: Brand Strategy, Growth Strategy


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