Your "Season of Growth" Reading List

Posted by Kristin Luck on 8/7/20 12:42 PM
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Your Season of Growth Reading List

With travel at a standstill for most of the world, most vacations are turning into “staycations”. Regardless of how you’re spending your downtime this year, at ScaleHouse we’re advocates for continuous learning. Here are some of our favorite business reads that you can sprinkle in between murder mysteries (or the book genre of your pick!).

  1. Invisible Influence (Jonah Berger). If you’re curious about the subtle, secret influences that affect consumer (and your own!) behavior, this book is for you. From what we buy to the careers we choose, Berger reveals the science of motivation.
  2. Growth IQ (Tiffani Bova). Many firms are trying to identify the one right move that will improve business performance- which can feel overwhelming. Bova outlines the 10 simple paths to growth, that can be boiled down to picking the right combination and sequence of these paths.
  3. Traversing the Traction Gap (Bruce Cleveland). Whether you’re an early stage company or you’re an established firm planning a pivot or new product launch, use this book as your guide to ensure product/market fit. Cleveland exposes the reasons behind why 80% of early-stage firms fail and provides a prescriptive how-to guide, focused specifically on market-engineering techniques.
  4. Atomic Habits (James Clear). No matter your goals (personal or professional), this book offers a proven framework for getting 1% better every day. Clear reveals practical strategies that will teach you how to master tiny behaviors that lead to remarkable results.

Avid readers like we are? Here are a few more for your consideration…..
Contagious Culture (Anese Cavanaugh)
Blitzscaling (Reid Hoffman)
Invisible Women (Christina Criado Perez)
The 10 Stories Great Leaders Tell (Paul Smith)

What are your favorite reads?



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