Top Tips for Selling and Marketing Through a Pandemic

Posted by Kristin Luck on 4/10/20 8:30 AM
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Top Tips for Selling and Marketing Through a Pandemic

If you’re flummoxed by how to sell or market through COVID-19, you’re not alone. That said, it doesn’t mean we should stop trying to figure it out. As with any major disruption, “business as usual” is likely to result in tone deaf outreach. I find that companies are in 1 of 3 modes right now.

1. Pandemic Paralysis: Sales and marketing activities are locked down (or eliminated entirely) and folks are hunkering down for “end of days.”

2. Internally Focused: Companies are doubling down on existing client satisfaction and growth.

3. Business as Usual: Doing their best to sell and market through the disruption.

For those of you hunkering down and stopping all sales and marketing activity, you’re likely writing your own obituary. That said, this IS a time to slow down and be truly thoughtful in your outreach and communication strategy. 

Top 4 Tips for Selling and Marketing in This Environment

Don't Go DarkDon’t Go Dark

For many firms, the first employee cuts are in marketing. If you need to make cuts, focus on marketing expenditure and go deep on content and social media marketing. If these virtually cost-free marketing channels haven’t been part of your strategy, there’s no time like the present to get started.

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Now is not the time to go dark on marketing
or leave this function in inexperienced hands.

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Go DeepGo Deep

This is a good time to slow down on generic sales and marketing cadences and focus on personalization and empathy. Stop trying to close and pivot to helping.

Focus on the Customers You HaveFocus on the Clients and Customers You Have

Too often sales and marketing activities are focused strictly on new client acquisition, rather than ensuring existing clients are happy and growing. Show your existing customers some love. Not sure how to get started? We’ve got you covered here.

Learn to Let GoLearn to Let Go

Too often we get locked into singular thinking about product pricing or licensing fees. How can you best adapt your business model to an environment where most buyers are focused on the next 30 days, not the next 12 months? And how can you create a buying environment where flexibility leads to long term customer appreciation and, ultimately, new customer acquisition?

Looking for a few more ideas?

Listen in to this podcast where I discuss “Marketing Strategy in the Time of COVID” with Little Bird Marketing.
We’d love to hear what’s working (or what isn’t!) in your sales and marketing approach!



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